Would you like to be a part of Two Rivers Renaissance Faire?

Our faire is dependent on our volunteers to build and populate our village of Tamsynbrooke. We work together on stage and off to bring the faire to life, from building the stages, to becoming a villager there is something here for every one of all ages.

Do you like to be out in the crowd? We can help you build a character to help fill our village, and will also help you design and build your garb. Our volunteers have learned to sew, work wood, craft paper, dip candles and much more.

Behind the scenes you can work in our kitchen preparing and serving meals, help move and set up our stages and structures, and build new.

We participate in local events like the Dorthy Young Memorial Light parade, the Veterans Day parade. Build life skills and make new friends.


We travel to other faires.
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The Dukes Tournament & Joust
The Imperial Knights


The Bawdy Juggler
This Show has BALLS!!! And other dangerous flying objects!! Pleasing to princes, peasants and puritans, alike!

The Crossroads Mystic
Dangerous Deeds: Death defying & daring feats.
Mystic Maddness: Bizarre magic & mind-reading.


Banat Tabla Daughters of the Drum
Yuma’s own professional Belly Dance Troupe


 The Merry Wives Of Windsor
Blending the tastes and styles of ten different women, the Merry Wives of Windsor is a unique kind of folk band. Our repertoire includes traditional folk tunes from the British Isles, classical music from the European Renaissance, and wholly original songs by the band’s own members. The result is a thrilling, energetic sound with rich 3-and-4-part vocal harmonies, and balanced by accompanying instrumentation that pulls from traditional Irish and Bluegrass sounds.


Gallows Humor
We are a macabre, comedic, and very energetic Gypsy style folk/rock band. Sometimes naughty, never nice, but ALWAYS READY TO PARTY!


The Nightingale


Amy Farrell
"Hands-on History with Amy Farrell. Amy is a full-armored steel-weapons fighter in the sport of Historical Medieval Battle (HMB), a member of Team USA at the Battle of The Nations 2017, and author of the novel "Joyful, The Love Affair of Joan of Arc." She will be bringing her collection of period-correct Medieval armor, weapons, and helmets for the public to view, hold, and try on."

William the Completely Average
His magic is anything but average!


Date & Times

Friday February 2nd
10:00AM to 5:00PM

Saturday February 3rd
10:00AM to 10:00PM

Sunday February 4th
10:00AM to 5:00PM